Breathing into life- Breath awareness

Breath awareness Learning Workshop

Sonntag, 12.11.2017                                                                   mit Eric Bennewitz


Sonntag, 12.11.17 

09.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00


Language: English



Our breath is the bridge that joins our mind with our body. We breathe an average of 10-15 breaths per minute which is approximately 21,000 breaths per day. That is amazing considering breathing happens on an unconscious level most of the time and is one of the functions of the body we can voluntarily control.  


How we breathe during our day whether we are feeling stressed or relaxed plays a major roll in determining our current and future state of well-being. When we don’t breathe properly, it can affect things like our quality of sleep, spine health, digestion, memory and immune system to name a few. 


Ancient yogis realized over 4000 years ago that the quantity and quality of breath largely influences our quality and length of life. Our lives growing up from childhood instill habits within us that for many of us prevent us from breathing efficiently. Look at a baby breathing and you will find the first steps towards breathing into relaxation, clarity and balance. The key to breathing ‘naturally’ again is in learning how to remove the blockages (physically & mentally) that have put our breath in knots over our lives.


Many of the processes presented and practiced in this 1-Day of Self-Inquiry of your ‘natural’ breath can be applied to your daily life and at your own pace to bring you and/or your students back to their ‘natural’ breathing. Before learning Pranayama, one needs to re-learn how to breath properly and naturally. No previous yoga experience is required for this workshop, so everyone is welcome.


Helpful Tip: Students attending should wear loose and comfortable clothing against the skin.  Belts, jewellery & hair bands should be removed before this workshop.


Why take this workshop?

Learn & practice:


09.00-12.00 Session

• What the ‘natural’ breath is.

• Methods for verifying your present breathing.

• The anatomy of breathing (respiratory muscles, diaphragms, nose, lungs & ribs function)

• Common breathing styles that prevent ‘natural’ breathing (example: Frozen breathing, Reverse breathing)


13.00-16.00 Session

• How to open your body through movement to enable more organic & easy breathing.

        (examples: lower, middle & upper body movements)

• Relaxation techniques for the body. (example: body scans, progressive muscles relaxation, yoga nidra)

• How to strengthen the respiratory diaphragm to breathe more deeply into relaxation.

• A take-home daily practice for beginners.


Kosten:   96€




             Eric Bennewitz 

  • Lead Teacher-200Hr. Teacher Training Program @ Satyaloka Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher
  • Owner of Peace Out Yoga, Hamburg


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Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. It is simple but not easy.